Because Everyone Deserves Great Food

While the Hudson Valley is one of the most agriculturally rich areas in America, the ongoing problem of food insecurity has been exacerbated by COVID-19 and the economic fallout it is leaving in its wake. While there are many programs currently operating to help the issue, the demand has never been greater.

Remy's Local is reinvesting 10% of our profits into our community by first supporting farms and local businesses through the purchasing of their goods, and then by ensuring that bounty goes directly to our community members in need. 

To do this we are coordinating with farms across the region to get food into the hands of non-profits, mutual aid groups and families both in the Hudson Valley and New York City. The boxes we provide to the community at no-cost contain both produce and pantry staples, drawn from the region. 

Our goal through our work is to build a self-sustaining aid network of farmers, craftsman, and community members that can weather the challenges ahead. 


contribute to a donated farmer's box