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Our Partners

We are beyond proud to work with each and every one of these farmers and producers. Each and every week our team works tirelessly to source the best our community has to offer, and through that effort we are constantly making new connections across the region, and adding new partners to our rolodex. If you have any questions about our sourcing methods or partnership criteria, please reach out. And all that said, this is not a complete list.


Sky Farm - New York
Sun Sprout Farm - New York
Hepworth Farms - New York
Dagele Farm - New York
MX Morningstar Farm - New York
Samascott Orchards - New York
Poughkeepsie Farm Project - New York
Sun Sprout Farm - New York
Gristmill Farm - New York
Bulich Mushroom Farm - New York
Tivoli Mushrooms - New York
Samascott Orchards - New York
Migliorelli Farm - New York
Hawthorne Valley - New York
Heermance Farm - New York
Cabot Creamery - Vermont
Ronnybrook - New York
Narragansett Creamery - Rhode Island
Oatly - Sweden
Ben's Cheese Planet - New York
Churchtown Dairy - New York
Seal Cove Farm - Maine
Vermont Creamery - Vermont
Jasper Hill Farm - Vermont
Hidden Springs Creamery - Wisconsin
Goat Lady Dairy - North Carolina
Lazy Lady Cheese - Vermont
Chaseholm Farm - New York
Casella's Salumi - New York
Charlito's Cocina - New York
Lady Edison - North Carolina
Heermance Farm - New York
Farmer Ground Flour - New York
Wild Hive Farm - New York
Gianforte Farm - New York
Champlain Valley Milling - New York
East Hollow - New York
Ray Tousey Honey - New York
Starry Ridge Maple Syrup - New York
Hawthorne Valley - New York
Losada Olives - Spain
O-Med Olive Oil - Spain
Ziba Foods - Afghanistan
The Unscented Company - Canada
Conservas La Brujula - Spain
Dwight Miller Orchards - Vermont
Molino Olive Oil - Spain
Red Boat - Vietnam
Norwegian Baked - New York
Samascott Orchards - New York
Sundström Cider - New York
East Hollow - New York
Greenpoint Cidery - New York
Yesfolk Tonics - New York
Treaty - New York 
Pierless Fish - New York
Hudson Valley Fisheries - New York
Calkins Creamery - Pennsylvania 
Catsmo Artisan Smokehouse - New York
Maine Grains - Maine
Jones Family Farm - New York
Blue Star Farm - New York 
Back Home Farm - New York 
Augie Treats - New York
Lively Run Dairy - New York
Pete’s Greens - Vermont
Sparrow Arc Farm - Vermont
Yoder Farms - Vermont
Mohawk Drumlin Creamery - New York
Markristo Farm - New York
Poor Devil Pepper Co. - New York
Battenkill Valley Creamery - New York
Sfoglini Pasta Shop - New York 
Silver Queen Farm - New York
Rise & Root Farm - New York 
Deep Roots - New York
Wan Ja Shan - New York
Plowbreak Farm - New York
Riverland Farm - Massachusetts 
Piacentino Farms - New York
Kitchen Garden Farm - Massachusetts 
Lesaffre - France  
Nunda Mustard - New York
Marieke Gouda - Wisconsin