How We Source

"I don't get how anyone running a farm can be not organic at this point."

- William Leibee, Owner / Head Farmer at Back Home Farm


Since the beginning, our goal at Remy's has been to provide you with access to great food, and to support the communities who are producing that great food. What is important to note about these two goals is that they are 100% co-dependent, and the "communities" that produce this food are not limited to humans: they are the fungi in the soil, the beetle on the lead, and the animals in the field.

We look for partners who understand this, and refuse to work with partners who don't. They don't need to be "certified organic" - the process for that certification is expensive and lengthy, and not always feasible for a small farm that wants to spend more money on the land than they do on a label - but they do need to be acting with respect and love for the environment that feeds them. 

As such, every week when we sit down to update our offering with that week's harvest, we get the opportunity to review our existing partners and discover new ones. This keeps conversations alive with them, and pushes us to know who is doing what, and who is not doing what they should be. 

We are proud to stand behind each and every farm and maker we work with, and proud to support this community of individuals, teams, and families who each work in their own way to support our larger community of living things.