Our Values

A bunch of food nerds, Remy's Local is a Farmers Market delivery service, connecting our community to the best produce we can source.


We started Remy's because we want to support our community - animals, plants, and minerals.



1. Connect you with the highest-quality products we can find: Let's be real, some carrots are simply better than other carrots. It is our mission to source the absolute best of everything we offer, meaning we taste it all before listing anything, so you can be sure to have the tastiest and freshest food there is. 

2. Support the small farmers and businesses who are most effected by this severe disruption to their supply network: The partners we work with become our family, and the drastic shift that COVID-19 caused for the food industries means they need new ways to share their bounty. Well, we want to help our family.
3. Partner with local aid initiatives that are helping those who have recently found themselves in need, be they dishwashers, farmers, or consumers: Some of them are our friends, many of them are people we have never met, but all of them are equally as important in this walk we call life. For every item we sell, 10% of all profit goes towards feeding those who for so long helped feed us.
4. Remember that at its root, Remy's Local is in the business of hospitality: We started this because, for us, serving our community is as natural as breathing. We want to support each other, our partners, and you, in our shared goal of eating great food, surrounded by those we love. 




Remy's Local is working tirelessly to implement safe, sustainable, and considerate business practices. We currently offer weekly contactless delivery to the Hudson Valley and NYC counties, and are making efforts to expand our reach in short order.