Cucumber-Mint Spritz

So refreshing you’ll want to throw it back, and light enough that you can!  

Ingredient List:

1 Persian Cucumber 
10-12 Mint Leaves, plus a small spring to garnish 
1 tbsp Honey
1 Lime, juiced
2 2oz pours Gin




  1. Cut 6 thin slices of the cucumber and reserve for garnish. Use the heel of a knife to roughly cut the rest into rustic pieces.
  2. Add the cucumber pieces, mint, honey and lime to a cocktail shaker and muddle well (get creative with your tools here, I find a small ladle muddles just fine).
  3. Add ice and the gin; shake well.
  4. Add some ice to two glasses; strain the gin mixture into the glasses then add seltzer to double the amount. 
  5. Place cucumber slices and a bit of mint into each glass and enjoy!

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