Cold Brew Concentrate

Finally, we all have the time.  

Cold Brew is one of those things that everyone loves, but no one wants to make because the idea of making coffee at night just to see it sit in the fridge doesn't seem worth it. Thankfully, this downtime has made us all over-night chefs, and this recipe is so easy, it'll play second fiddle to whatever extravagant Melissa Clark recipe you have planned.  
Recipe by Colin Carrig (@papasquash)

Tools You Will Need:
Mason Jar or French Press
Coffee Grinder
Some Kind of Filter

Ingredient List:
(makes 5 servings)

3oz Coarsely Ground Coffee
3 cups Cold Water




If using a mason jar
1. Mix ground coffee and cold water until all grounds are wet.
2. Cover and let steep for 18-24 hours outside of the refrigerator.
(Note: the longer you let the cold brew steep, the smoother it will become)
3. Strain into another airtight container (using paper filter, cheesecloth, or nut milk bag). 

If using a French Press:
Repeat Steps 1-2 above. The only difference is you do not have to strain through a filter, but make sure to press the filter slowly when it is done steeping.

You will end up with approximately 2.5 cups of cold brew concentrate. Before drinking, add equal parts water to your concentrate.

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