Easy Pour Over

Easier than toast.  

The easiest but most satisfying way to enjoy a homemade brew.
Recipe by Colin Carrig (@papasquash)

Tools You Will Need:
Pour Over Pot or Basket
Coffee Grinder
Measuring Spoon
Optional but highly recommended: Gram Scale 

Ingredient List:
(makes 1 cup)

25-30g (approx. 5-6 tsp) Semi-Coarsely Ground Coffee
350-375g (approx. 1.5 cups) Boiling Water



1. Line the pour over basket with a filter, and fill with your ground coffee. Evenly distribute through basket so you have a flat surface.
2. Place your pour over pot on a gram scale if you have one.
3. Heat up water in a kettle to boiling. Let cool for a a couple of minutes until it reaches ~206F.
4. In circular motions, pour water steadily over grounds 50 grams at a time (all grinds should be wet), pause for 5-6 seconds, repeat until you have 375-400 grams of weight of water added to the pot. Let coffee finish brewing, it will stop dripping and the grinds will be exposed when the coffee is done. Should take roughly a total of 3 minutes from brew start to finish.

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